I’m Mr. Krastev lecture of the Academy of Mathematics. I have individual lessons on: MATHEMATICS and ENGLISH LANGUAGE, for students from grades 1 to 7. I’m glad you chose me as a teacher and I’m glad to teach your child. You have probably wondered why to choose just me with so many others. Did the price determine your choice? The inner sensation? Will I be able to prepare your child to the required level? Do I have the required qualifications? Is the price for my services too low or too high? How do I motivate a child to study? I will try to answer these important questions.
I graduated Sofia University with specialty Mathematics & IT. I have worked on various projects in Italy and England for over 5 years, so I had the opportunity to touch the richness and beauty of these languages.
I have been teaching and business planning for European programs for more than 10 years.
Working with children for me is the vocation and the greatest pleasure.
I’m happy to teach your child. I will help him to master the necessary knowledge and skills, as a pedagogue and then a mathematician. In my work I try to get my students to think and make independent decisions. I am a tough teacher and I demand discipline and perseverance from my students. If they do not work alone, there will be no serious and consistent progress. Successes will not come alone need a lot of hard work. It is a common mistake for parents to think that when the child goes to school and suddenly everything changes with a magic wand. This can not happen. It requires a lot of independent work on the part of the student, who has to practice as shown by the teacher. This is particularly true when there have been major flaws in previous years’ preparations. Of particular importance is the relationship teacher-student. Teacher must be a good psychologist and pedagogue. In order to achieve results, we must stand on a firm footing. In most cases, school education from previous years is neglected. There are serious gaps and we have to fill huge gaps. This requires time, patience, and much zeal, both from you and yours.
The learning process takes place in a pleasant atmosphere with friendly teachers who aspire to awaken the desire to acquire new knowledge and skills.
I motivate every student to develop and improve. Only in this way can the success of high school and state matriculation exams be guaranteed.
The training is based on two-way communication between students and the teacher. I study the wishes of the students so that I am always up to date with what interests them and excites them. Through different methods I aim to provoke and stimulate their imagination. The lecture is the preferred form of training that guarantees a quality two-way connection between the trainer and the trainees.
In the learning process I use the following methods:
• Decision-making ability – learners should be able to make decisions and apply them in practice By provoking and encouraging the individual work of each student, we strive to assist each step of the way towards self-improvement.
• Clarity – the teaching material should be presented in clear and comprehensible form without
complex and incomprehensible clichés and word forms.

Venue – Ovcha Kupel quarter (near stops of trams 5,11,19, buses 73,107,111,260)
For information and recording, please call: 0889560077

I expect you!
R. Krastev